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Kodak ink prices

[Please note: Kodak stopped selling inkjet printers by end of 2012. This article still shines some light on the inkjet industry. Kodak inkjets were also sold under the SAMSUNG brand. ]

German test lab has defaced an advertising claim which we often see on telly in this country as well. It’s Kodak with their rather bold claims that their inkjet printers have substantially lower ink costs. Not quite true as it turns out. Not even close to reality.

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IT solutions for SMEs

The below is an interview between Michael Mertens and ‘The NewsPaper’.  It talks about IT solutions for SMEs, particularly for beginners.

Computer Corner

Computer have become so much an important gadget in our lives these days. With this edition of the NewsPaper  we are starting a regular column about computing. The editor welcomes suggestions and is keen to hear your feedback.

We recently met IT expert Michael Mertens from Sidmouth. He is an experienced computer consultant in East Devon and answered a few questions for our readers.

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Which internet provider should I choose?

Have no fear, this is far less technical than you think. Something you all must be itching to know: Which internet provider or service to choose. So here is what IT consultant Michael Mertens has to say, based on many years of experience with his clients, when his clients ask which internet provider should I choose?

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