IT consultant Devon Michael MertensMichael MERTENS provides computer consulting and support to SMEs.

We work with SME’s who know what their problem is, but don’t know what the solution is.

For example they know their internet is slow, but don’t know whether the problem lies with the router, the network or their computer.

Those we work with achieve a lower total cost than they expected and often save money in the long term, as well as achieve their goals.

We specialise in Apple Macintosh systems.

Why we’re great to work with-

  • Local market knowledge delivers the right solution, not the most common solution.
  • We’re local, so call us up and we’ll pop round!
  • Totally impartial advice, we recommend what we would use, not sell.
  • Years of experience in IT system ownership means that your budget is important to us too.

Areas we can help with-


Education, consultancy and training


Networks, routers and the internet


Printers, monitors and other peripherals


IT system installation and set up


Viruses, malware and spam


Websites, email and hosting


The most common questions we’re asked.

  • We have a weak WiFi signal or poor internet connection.
  • Why don’t our emails work?
  • Our e-commerce site/ website¬†doesn’t¬†work!
  • Can we get email on our iPads and iPhones?
  • Does my laptop have a virus?