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Michael Mertens

In the early days I didn’t really wanted to become a computer man. But soon my clients said that I can explain computing better than anyone else. Maybe because I understand their business and know that IT is a means to an end and nothing more.

A solid foundation of knowledge and many years of experience helps me to get projects off the ground, yet it’s the understanding of the client’s workflow and their real needs which enables me to give the right type of advice.

I started in bespoke IT training for a small number of big heads and a big number of small heads in the publishing industry in Germany. That was meant as a gap filler but they wouldn’t let me go. Soon I found myself planning the entire IT training and also analysing and planning publishing workflows.

Washed up to the shores of this country several years ago, I now provide impartial IT Consultancy and support, mainly for small and medium businesses

Most of my clients only have a vague idea about the computer systems they really need. The latest special offer from any computer superstore does not help. The 16 year old nephew of the business owner who knows ‘everything’ about computers can’t really help either.

I translate your business needs into proper IT requirements, I understand business needs and what IT solutions can solve them.

But computer consulting is not about buying everything new from scratch, far from it!  We provide impartial, practical and understandable advice.

Most of my clients are surprised how much smaller the required investments actually are.  With my recommendations, you’ll get exactly what your business needs.

Finally I have specialist knowledge about Apple Macintoshes, these are widely known as much easier to use and with much lower maintenance costs.