Networks, routers and the internet.

Is your internet slow or are your connections taking ages?  There are a myriad of reasons why you could be experiencing slow network access from a bad router set-up to incorrect network configuration.

Don’t get expensive ‘IT professionals’ in who just reset your router and tell you you’re good to go, give me a call and I might even be able to save you some money.

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Weak WiFi or poor internet connection.

What kind of hosting should we use for our website/email/e-commerce etc?

Which internet provider should I choose?

Printers, monitors and other peripherals.

Printers perhaps cause more upset in the office than anything else.  From simply refusing to print anything, to expensive ink and poor quality print outs.  Monitors too cause problems, with bad resolutions and projectors not working properly.

All of this is literally costing you money, so why not see if I can save you both time and cost!

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What kind of printer should I buy?

Can we get email on our iPads and iPhones?

IT systems, installation and efficiency.

From purchasing to set up and installation, your IT system might be just a laptop and an iPad, or a multi server network array with lots of nodes.  Either way, cost is everything and if it doesn’t work together you loose productivity.

We are Mac specialists, providing

Education, training and consultation.

Websites, e-commerce and email.

Viruses, malware and spam.