Common IT problems

What kind of printer should I buy?

Rather than answer that straight away we should look at what you’re using it for.  Is it for high quality photographs, invoices or documents with lots of pages?

Is your printer used by lots of people?  Are they even in the same office?

For instance, I could recommend a printer for printing invoices, as well as settings so you get the most from your ink cartridges.  I can also look at the software you use and see if you could even use a free version for your invoices.

This is all called TCO or (total cost of ownership) and means that a printer or any equipment doesn’t just require an initial purchase, it means looking at the whole package, from printer ink costs, possible repairs and expensive software.  TCO is something I specialise in and can greatly assist with.

Call me, send an email or get social to find out how I can not only sort out a great printer for you, but save you money in the meanwhile.

Weak wifi or poor internet connection.

This is often the bane of the office.  Weak wifi, poor connectivity or a slow internet speed can kill productivity and hold up work.

I know I can help, this is a common problem, but the solutions can vary.  Your network could be configured badly, or your laptop could be causing the problem.

From hotels wanting a fast wifi for their patrons, to businesses needing a fast network connection for their employees, solid networking is a foundation to working smarter.

Call me, send an email or get social to find out how I can fix your networking problems.

Can you help us achieve our goals without using jargon?

I hate jargon just as much as you!  Goals is the key word here, jargon just slows everything down.

Your goals are important to me too, however often you might not know how to reach them.  Anything from faster networks to a better website can be addressed with a variety of solutions, however I can promise three things with any goals set.

  • If I say I can do it, I can.  I will never advise you on something I don’t know about.
  • I will look at ways of lowering the cost as much as possible with any solution.  I will also explore options you might not have thought of that could provide a more suitable solution.
  • I will never use jargon.  Everything I do is laid out in plain English as much as possible.  From the end result right back to the beginning I will make sure you know what’s going on.

Most IT companies flood you with jargon and spiel, I won’t do that.

So for a no-nonsense approach to making your business more efficient, give me a call or an email and let me see what I can do.

Our email wasn’t set up properly/our email doesn’t work.

Emails not working are another common problem for businesses.  There are so many email solutions out there, with so many passwords, that it can get a little tangled.  Again, it could be a range of problems from poor hosting to a bad password.

Emails’ being down, literally costs you money and can make you miss leads or important information.  I can set up temporary solutions, then delve in and fix what’s not working.  After that we can set up a more robust email package for you, I might even save you some money.

Call or email to see if I can save you money and make your email communications more secure.

What kind of hosting should we use for our website/email/e-commerce etc?

Hosting is a minefield in itself.  As a rule, you get what you pay for, but then how can you tell if you’re paying too much?

I know the ins and outs of both hosting and network needs.  One customer was paying £80 a month for her hosting.  She only had a small site, a few emails, but was told that if she wants thousands of visitors to her site then she needs a super expensive server package.  This simply isn’t true and I got her monthly cost down to £10 per month with everything she needs.

Choosing a host is a big deal, but I can take a lot of the trouble and fear away from it.  Let me guide you with my experience to choose a hosting package that works for you.

Our e-commerce site/ website doesn’t work!

The most common reasons for an e-commerce site not working aren’t important to you, what’s important is that you’re losing money.  From total site failures to smaller features like products missing or totals not calculating correctly, e-commerce sites are delicate but can be made more robust.

I can’t get your money back, but I can look at what you have and make it work.  We have a large network of web designers and e-commerce specialists, who alongside myself can provide a solution that works for you.

Can we get email on our iPads and iPhones?

You absolutely can and it might not cost as much as you think.  Email is an integral part of any businesses communications and I know I can help.

Email can be organised, archived, sent, received and encrypted as securely as any workstation or laptop, but it needs to be done properly.  Just give me a call to talk about your communication needs.

Does my laptop have a virus?

Is it acting strange?  Running slow?  There are a myriad of reasons and unfortunately there is no quick fix.  It could be that your system is out of date or just not optimised for the stuff you’re using it for.

It could also be a virus, malware or something else malicious that is harming your computer.  Rather than hire an expensive virus repair company let me see if there is something else to be done.