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Presentation about Superfast broadband in Sidmouth


A non-technical introduction to the new superfast/fibre-optic broadband in Sidmouth.
Superfast broadband has now become available in Sidmouth and other areas in East Devon. The Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce has arranged for a talk about this new technology and its benefits. The event is open to non-chamber members.

Aptly titled “Let there be Light”, the talk is a non-technical introduction to the new superfast/fibre-optic broadband in Sidmouth. The presentation is vendor neutral and not a sales presentation. The following topics will be addressed:

  • What is superfast/fibre-optic broadband?
  • What’s in it for me – Why do I need it?
  • Is this the super-hyper-galactic-sonic speed all the politicians talk about?
  • When is it really, really, I mean REALLY coming to Sidmouth?
  • Does everybody get it, do we have to buy it and where can I sign up for it?
  • Will they dig up my driveway for the fibre-glass cable?
  • Getting caught in the footnotes – How to avoid costly mistakes.
  • Can I have it for my remote farmhouse?
  • Is my computer fast enough and do I need a new router?
  • Is BT the only supplier of this, they do own the network or don’t they?
  • Can I continue to use my existing telephones?
  • Ample time for all your questions

Thursday 12th September, 5.45pm for 6pm. At Blinis Cafe Bar.

Tickets  £5 per person. Ticket price includes a glass of wine.

Tickets are available at the door or from Humbug Gifts, 3 Fore Street, Sidmouth or contact me here.

Satellite broadband

In some rural areas the only solution for reliable internet connection is Satellite broadband. Previously only available for up to hundreds of pounds/month, prices came down substantially with a new satellite which came into service in the middle of 2011. Packages are now available from about £25/month.


Mac support for businesses

Qualified support for the Apple Macintosh platform is difficult to find.

Clients who don’t like to discuss their business problem in a shop or want  to solve a workflow problem often feel left alone. A noisy environment which is primarily designed to sell doesn’t suit everybody.



Broadband is a more complex product than most business owners expect.

In more rural areas poor lines are still a major obstacle to productivity.